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10 most recent publications

[hal-03199000] Social networks analysis for opinion model extraction


[hal-03194808] Le projet VERSPERA


[hal-02489974] Links between representation of outdoor soundscape, noise annoyance at home and outdoor acoustic measurement

As part of the ANR CENSE project, which has started in 2016, a questionnaire was sent to 2293 households in a 1 km² study area in the city of Lorient in France. The main objective of this questionnaire was to collect information on the perception by residents of sound environments in their neighborhood (representation of the soundscape), on their street (representation of the soundscape), and in their home (noise annoyance). [...]

[hal-03188291] Customizable HMM-based measures to accurately compare tree sets


[hal-03180441] Overlapping community detection using core label propagation algorithm and belonging functions


[hal-02940437] Benefits of Local Cooperation in Sectorized Cellular Networks under a Complexity Constraint

The paper presents upper and lower bounds on the degrees of freedom (DoF) of a sectorized hexagonal cellular model when neighboring base stations (BSs) can cooperate during at most κ interaction rounds over rate-limited backhaul links. The lower bound is based on practically implementable beamforming and adapts the way BSs cooperate to the sectorization of the cells. [...]

[hal-03172873] Why-Not Questions & Explanations for Collaborative Filtering

Throughout our digital lives, we are getting recommendations for about almost everything we do, buy or consume. However, it is often the case that recommenders cannot locate the best data items to suggest. To deal with this shortcoming, they provide explanations for the reasons specific items are suggested. [...]

[hal-00784892] Electronic hardware design of a low cost tactile sensor device for physical Human-Robot Interactions

We propose in this paper a low-cost method of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) data acquisition from soft conductive fabric for the design of robots artificial skin. We use a simple multiplexer/demultiplexer circuit for retrieving the resistance field from the pair-wised electrical current injected and the output voltage measured from the conductive fabric. [...]

[hal-03170579] Convolutional Neural Networks based Denoising for Indoor Localization

Indoor localization can be based on a matrix of pairwise distances between nodes to localize and reference nodes. This matrix is usually not complete, and its completion is subject to distance estimation errors as well as to the noise resulting from received signal strength indicator measurements. [...]

[hal-03082081] LACO-OFDM with Index Modulation for Optical Wireless Systems

In this letter, we propose layered asymmetrically clipped optical-orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (LACO-OFDM) with index modulation (IM), i.e., LACO-OFDM-IM for optical wireless systems. In classical LACO-OFDM, the spectral leakage because of out-of-band clipping harmonics increases the baseband bandwidth (BB) resulting in lower spectral efficiencies. [...]