Activities have been concentrated on three mains topics relating to new concepts of imaging systems and
generalization of Radon transform (RT) :

  • Development of the so-called V-line Radon transform which has inspired related works of others groups
    internationally (Ambartsoumian, Schotland, Ilmavirta, etc). Our V-line RT is very useful not only for scanning large
    objects (in non-destructive industrial evaluation-NDE), for imaging flat natural and cultural heritage objects,
    but also for a new combined transmission-reflection imaging process using primary radiation [hal-01759845],
    [hal-01472477], [hal-01477262], [hal-01260333], [hal-01260337], [hal-01760391].
  • Development of a new modality for Compton scattering tomography which is suitable for imaging small
    objects (human organs, etc). The modelling of this system leads to a new Radon transform named “Circular
    Arc RT” whose forward and inverse formulas were established and its applications in biomedical imaging was
    shown [hal-01260543], [hal-00798923], [hal-00860054], [hal-01760415], [hal-00860068].
  • Development of an new algorithm for a spherical Radon transform which allows a 3D image reconstruction
    for Radar imaging of 3D landscape using an monostatic antenna carried by a plane [hal-01260336].