Research Themes

CELL's research covers methodologies to produce reconfigurable systems on heterogeneous chips. Its originality is in the way it explores such chips' adaptability at various levels: circuit; system; and software, for numerous embedded applications (video, telecommunication, software defined radio, embedded systems for health).

Adaptive systems design requires to solve several issues in terms of intra-chip communication, agile communication, reconfigurable processing architecture, operating systems, real-time constraints, reliability, and energy and power consumption.


Communications Agiles


Architectures Reconfigurables




Systèmes Embarqués Intelligents



Responsable de l'équipe

Aymeric Histace, PU ENSEA


As of 1 April, 2018, the team is composed of:

  • 15 professors in electrical and computer engineering, as well as computer science (4 full professors, 11 associate professors)
  • 4 engineers (1 IE CNRS, 1 IR CNRS, 2 I)
  • 2 associate researchers
  • 15 PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, and adjunct professors


List of CELL members

List of ETIS members

Research Projects

The team brings its scientific expertise to several research projects.

List of active and retired projects.

Research Platforms

The team has acquired several tools and hardware devices necessary to develop its activities in the field of smart heterogeneous systems-on-chips:


List of current PhD theses currently led within the CELL team, as well as current opened PhD positions. This also gives access to archives to already-defended theses in the past 5 years.

Latest News

Here we list the latest news related to CELL, including scientific events organization, notable events, latest publications, etc.